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Hello to all our registered users,

The managers report on submissions made to the proposed amendments to the
Draft County and City &amp; Environs Development Plans has been circulated
to the elected members of Kilkenny County and Borough Councils for their
consideration. It is now also available online on our dedicated website
Kilkenny.ourplan.ie. If you made a submission in relation to the proposed
amendments, it will be summarised in this report and a recommendation has
been made by the County Manager as to whether further modifications to the
proposed amendments should or should not be made.

This report will be considered by Kilkenny County Council at a public
meeting in County Hall on Tuesday the 22nd of April 2014 and by Kilkenny
Borough Council at a public meeting in City Hall on Monday the 12th of May
2014. The Councils will resolve to make the Plans with or without the
proposed amendments.

The Draft Development Plans should be adopted by both Councils before the
23rd of May 2014. The Plans will come into effect 4 weeks after they have
been adopted by the Councils. A further e-mail will issue to you when
these dates are clarified.

Many thanks for participating in this process.


The Ourplan Team.

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