Meals on Wheels


Meals on Wheels
This service is available to people in the community who are unable to cook their own meals due to age, illness or disability. The Meals on Wheels service is generally provided by a mixture of voluntary and statutory bodies. It varies from area to area.
Charges for Meals on Wheels may apply and are at the
discretion of each voluntary group.
In order to qualify for Meals on Wheels you will need a note from your Doctor or from your Public Health Nurse stating that you are in need of help.
There is a waiting list for the service and it will depend on how many people are on this list. There is no age limit for Meals on Wheels. Anyone in need of this service can apply.
To apply for Meals on Wheels Contact:
Kilkenny Meals-on- Wheels
Kit Hunt,
Kilkenny Social Services,
Waterford Road,
Tel: 056 772 1685
Services Offered: Meals –on –Wheels, Monday to Friday
Cost: Donations