[Latest Ourplan Updates] Proposed Amendments to the Draft Kilkenny County and City & Environs Development Plans 2014-2020

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Latest Ourplan Updates

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Hello to all our registered users,

The Elected Representatives of Kilkenny Borough and County Councils have
considered the Managers Report on Submissions received to the Draft County
and City &amp; Environs Development Plans published in November 2013. At
the joint meeting of the Borough and County Councils on the 28th of January
2014 it was decided to make amendments to the Draft Plans. The proposed
amendments will be published on the 14th of February 2014 and will remain
on public display for a 4 week period. A further email will be sent to
you when the proposed amendments are published with details on how and when
to make a submission. Submissions must only relate to the proposed
amendments at that time. This will be the final opportunity to make a
submission in relation to the content of the Draft Plans before they are
adopted by the Councils in May later this year.

The Ourplan Team

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