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Hello to all our registered users,

The Managers Report on Submissions received to the Draft County and City
&amp; Environs Development Plans has been circulated to the Elected
Representatives for their consideration. The report is now also available
on our website for your information, at
http://ourplan.kilkenny.ie/managers-report .

The report lists the persons or bodies who made submissions, summarises the
issues raised and gives the response of the manager to the issues raised
having regard to the proper planning and sustainable development of the
area and statutory obligations of the Planning Authority. If you made a
submission to the Draft Development Plan, it will be included in the
Managers Report.

The Elected Representatives of Kilkenny Borough and County Councils will
consider the Managers Report and the Draft Plans until the 24th of January
2014. In the interim, there may be Council Meetings held to discuss the
issues. The dates for any meetings in this regard will be published on our

The next round of public consultation will commence in February 2014 when
formal submissions can be made in relation to any proposed amendments to
the Draft Plans to come forward following consideration of the Managers
Report. In the meantime, informal comments can be left on the website
which will feed into the next round of consultation.

A further update will issue in relation to the next stage of the
Development Plan Process in January 2014.

The Ourplan Team

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