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Managers Report
The Managers Report on submissions received to the Draft City and County
Development Plans will be circulated to the Council Members in November.
The report will be published on this website after circulation to the
Council members. The report will list the persons or bodies who made
submissions, summarise the issues raised and give the response of the
manager to the issues raised having regard to the proper planning and
sustainable development of the area and statutory obligations of the
Planning Authority. The Council members have until January 2014 to
consider the report and decide whether or not to amend the Plan having
considered the Draft Plan and the recommendations from the managers

Grid Link Project
EirGrid is planning a new high voltage overhead power line for the South
East. As part of the route selection process for this project, Eirgrid has
identified a number of 1km route corridor options and substation zones
which are currently on public display. For further details please see
www.eirgridprojects.com/projects/gridlink or lo-call 1890 422 122.
Observations in relation to the route selection process for the Grid Link
Project may be made to Eirgrid on or before the 26th of November 2013. It
is anticipated that Eirgrid will apply for planning permission to An Bord
Pleanála for the project as strategic infrastructure in 2016.

Woodstock LAP
The duration of the Woodstock Local Area Plan has been extended from
2008-2014 to 2008-2019. See full details on the following link:

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