Household Benefits Package


This package includes:
·         Electricity allowance or Natural Gas allowance or Bottle Gas allowance
·         Telephone allowance or Mobile Phone allowance (discontinued in 2014)
·         Free Television Licence
The electricity allowance covers normal standing charges and up to 2,400 units each year or the gas allowance covers standing charges and a certain amount of Kilowatt hours per year.
If you live in self-contained accommodation (a flat or an apartment) and you have a slot meter or the landlord is the registered owner you may qualify for a Group Account Allowance.
Everyone aged 70 or over living in Ireland can apply for this scheme regardless of their income or who lives with them.
If you are under age 70, and in receipt of a qualifying payment, and live alone or only with certain excepted people (i.e. your spouse or partner) and you are getting an increase for them in your payment or they qualify for a payment in their own right.
If you are Widowed and aged 60 to 65 and your late spouse was getting the benefits before their death you may now apply for the allowance in your own name. Ask your supplier to put your name on the bills if you have not already done so.
You are getting a Carer’s Allowance or in need of constant care and attention yourself.
If you are in receipt of these benefits and you change address or your partner dies and the benefits are in his or her name you must re-apply for these benefits in your own name. Bills must be changed into your name when re-applying.
There are many conditions to qualify so please contact your local Citizens Information Centre for further information or James Green Kilkenny 056 778 4600